Questions & answers

Q – Are the home try on dresses safe in light of Covid-19?


A – We take all precautions possible in order to get you the dresses clean and safe. There is at least 72 hours between one try on to the next. Before a dress is sent to you for your home try on, on top of that, as a disinfecting and safety measure, our team will make sure to steam all dresses upon return from a home try on and before they are sent to you.


Q – How will I know which size to order for the home try on? And how will I measure myself and select the size for the jolie dress I eventually want to order?


A – You can find our size chart here. Choose your size based on the measurements closest to the regular clothing size you normally buy. 

Once you get our Home Try-On box, you will find a measuring tape inside it. Use it to measure yourself to make sure that the dress you eventually purchase on our site is accurate and in accordance with your size. 


Q – How do I send my home try on dresses back?


A – Shipping papers will be included in the home try on box you will be getting from us; all you will need to do is call a pickup from UPS*. Just pack the dresses back into the box, close it with duct tape (which will be included in the box), attach the shipping papers on the outside of the box and that’s it.


Q – What if the size I want to order for my home try on isn’t available in stock?

A – We do our best to have as wide a range of styles and sizes available for the home try on, however we can’t guarantee that all sizes and styles will be available. You can always reach out to our team if you have further questions or requests regarding this –


Q – Can I cancel or exchange an order after it was placed?


A – Orders can’t be cancelled or exchanged after they were placed. That is why we strongly suggest you use the home try on option (Click here to check the option), prior to placing your order on the site.

Q – How do you recommend to clean and preserve the dress?


A – We highly recommend to follow our care instructions (Click here to download the instructions)